Animal Healing/Animal Communicator

This type of treatment connects to your pet’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs with an animal communicator or using energy healing. This can be conducted in the form of energy therapy that applies healing holistically, rather than just the symptoms. 

Often animal behavioural symptoms contain underlying emotional pain at the root cause or physical symptoms that relate to previous trauma. Animal healing can boost your pet’s immunity, reduce stress and anxiety, speed up healing from wounds, reduce arthritic pain, reduce blood pressure, calm erratic or aggressive behaviour and improve overall well-being.

It is also a great addition to any rehabilitation programme or to boost the Oxycontin hormones during a re-homing period. Animals, especially dogs, cats and horses, are naturally spiritual beings and benefit from the deep relaxation of a healing treatment. Many pets respond positively to distance/energy healing. Children Healing (covers therapies to assist a baby/child’s well-being).

Children Healing (covers therapies to assist a baby/child’s well-being).

I.e  Energy Healing for Children: This type of energy healing therapy can be done via a parent, the child or remotely while neither parties are present. You will need to provide the issues that you would like addressed so the practitioner can set the intentions for a successful outcome. The practitioner connects to the child’s energy to resolve physical, emotional or spiritual stresses.

Remote healing can be conducted during your child’s sleeping time. This offers ease and convenience for the healing to take place. You can request a summary of the healing from the practitioner. Colour Therapy (uses colour for healing)     Your cells respond to light which is why colour energy impacts the physical, emotional and spiritual body. Colour therapy is a non-invasive holistic treatment that works to balance the seven chakras, or energy centres, that lie within the human body.

Colour Therapy (uses colour for healing)

Each colour from the spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) resonates with a different chakra of the body. The balance of these seven energy centres is essential for overall health and well-being.

Colour Therapy helps restore harmony and equilibrium to the body as a whole. This holistic treatment helps remove negative blocks from past trauma, improve physical symptoms of stress and promote positive well-being. Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

This healing technique uses semi-precious stones and crystals to stimulate your body’s energy flow, remove negative blocks and enable the body to heal itself. It assists with physical and emotional symptoms with misaligned energy centres/chakras.

Crystals connect you to the primal energy force of the earth; they have existed since the earth was formed and have been used to address all sorts of ill health, whether that be physical, emotional or spiritual, for centuries. These powerful rocks have a profound ability to absorb, channel and transform any negative energy.

A crystal healing treatment will direct energy to the underlying energy imbalance by remotely directing the appropriate crystals to your energy field for maximum results in your healing session.

Curse Release Healing

This form of shamanic healing is a strong, energetic treatment for embedded negative spiritual blockages that cause severe problems and blocks.
This healing therapy works with any present or ancestral curses that are blocking a person’s freedom. The curse may originate through your family lineage that has attached itself via a psychic attack by a jealous person, childhood programming of negative beliefs, cords from difficult relationships or environments that harbour negative vibrations.
Curse release therapy works by cutting ties with the origin of the curse, turning it from something destructive and fearful to a place of freedom and autonomy.

This therapy involves tapping into the energy body remotely. After some initial questions, the therapist will locate the curse, remove and repair the energy where it was residing.
This restoration process allows positive energy to flow where the curse once lay, so you are free from your blocks. This type of therapy also involves the client’s participation to grow their spiritual connection and advancement.

Declutter Coaching

Feeling overwhelmed by clutter and want to reclaim your space? Are you tired of hiding mess behind closed doors or feeling lethargic? There are many reasons how a declutter coach can assist you i.e. selling a house, moving on after a bereavement, change hoarding habits, clearing space for a new baby, making extra money selling valuables or completing a spring clean. 

A personal organiser expert can help you reorganise and give pride and positive energy to your personal space.
Decluttering can help you clear stagnant energy so you re-engage with more positivity and personal goals. Clutter exists not only in the physical but on an energetic, spiritual, emotional and mental plain. Once you acknowledge the clutter that exists in your life, you can work on releasing and letting go of what no longer serves you to open space for better things.

Detox Coaching

A physical detox can bring about considerable changes in your energy levels and overall health. Many people experience detoxing as a beneficial way to improve physical symptoms such as headaches, bloating, digestive problems, skin rashes, low mood, poor concentration and lethargy that have occurred from an unhealthy lifestyle.

When undergoing a cleanse of toxins, it’s essential to get the right support. Detox coaching can provide physical, emotional, mental and spiritual support as you go through the process of a physical detox.
Every person has specific needs and requirements as they detox. Your practitioner will assist you in achieving a balanced detox experience and provide you with detox options.

The coaching is conducted online and fits well with a home-based detox programme. By receiving coaching through your detox program, you will achieve optimal results.

Energy Healing via distance

Each person has a physical body and mind that is influenced by an energy body. An energy healer will focus on your energy field and remove negative forces by channelling the life force that runs through every living being. In India, this life force is called Prana, and in Chinese culture, it is called Qi.

This universal life force flows through your energy centres, or chakras, contained in your energy body. This flow of energy enables you to live in optimum health and influences your daily attractions and creations. Obstruction to the flow of your energy can show up in physical symptoms, emotional suffering and spiritual crisis.

Different types of energy healing treatments include Qigong, Quantum energy, reiki, or anyone who sends healing remotely. Energy healing treatments can be conducted via distance, i.e. Skype, phone etc. as there is no distance in energy fields between the client and therapist.

Family Counselling

Family Counselling (counselling/therapy for families problems)There are times when families need support to move through difficult periods. Family Counselling can assist loved ones find balance and harmony in their family dynamics. The therapist will focus on each family member’s relationship individually and as a whole family unit.

Family bonds can contain deep wounds or dysfunctions that have been hidden whether that be physically, emotionally, or spiritually.
The therapy session can explore the roles of each family member, examine how well the family members solve problems and the conflicts or hidden feelings that haven’t been expressed. Family Counselling can help to improve communication, develop healthy boundaries, reduce conflict and provide the emotional tools to build and maintain loving family relationships.

Feng Shui

The art of Feng Shui is the practice of bringing harmony to your physical environment. The word Feng means ‘wind’, and Shui means ‘water.’ The practice originates in an ancient Chinese poem that looks to nature as the ideal state to live in. Often you may be doing everything you can to change your life for the better, but your environment can hold you back.

If you’re going through a change in life, moved into a new home or simply want to organise your life to attract more abundance, flow and harmony, Feng Shui will offer appropriate recommendations to achieve this.

The art of Feng Shui is a way of using your home to work with your desire for happiness, and not against it. The therapist will assess your current Feng Shui state and recommend improvements to create more flow and abundance.

Fertility Counselling

This service supports individuals and families as they undertake one of the most important journeys to bring a new life into their family. Fertility counselling will increase your probability of conceiving with natural methods, whether that be through energy changes or nutrition.
Your fertility counsellor will analyse your lifestyle to optimise fertility, looking into areas such as nutrition, emotional blockages, or coaching through a complex, lengthy and often lonely process.

It’s important to learn how to care for yourself and others during this time and maintain positive relationships. Fertility counselling will assist with the management of your fertility and offer healthy practices and routines to make this period of your life a happy and prosperous one.

Fitness Coaching

Are you stuck on the treadmill, going nowhere with your fitness? Fitness Coaching assists with your exercise and fitness goals. Your online fitness coach will provide techniques to help you return to your fitness levels after a break due to pregnancy, illness, etc., or if you want to start a new fitness regime to improve your health, well-being or assists with weight loss.

A fitness coach offers specific, achievable and inspirational fitness goals in a customised fitness plan suited to your body and fitness level. Your fitness coaching can provide information on foods types that improve your well-being and energy/fitness levels.

Coaching also means accountability – having someone there to make sure you put the effort and work in is one of the key reasons why people reach their goals. 

Forensic Healing

A deep healing experience to release stress, pain and trauma. Forensic Healing delves into the root of chronic physical, emotional and/or spiritual conditions. Forensic Healing is an advanced energy/spiritual healing therapy that involves finding negative patterns and limiting beliefs, stress, anxiety, negative energy, curses and/or depression etc.
Similar to the forensic testing of a crime scene, the system is a model that works with clues and imprints on the body to uncover the root cause of suffering.

Simple yet effective tests that read the energy field of a person can reveal the reality of their current condition and identify any restrictions of flow. The healer then releases the stagnant or blocked energy utilising over 110 healing pathways, realigning the body soul and mind to a renewed state of balance and harmony.
The Forensic Healing system includes the Soul Module that removes the implants/programs/imprints that put people’s blueprint on the matrix.

Grief Counselling

The passing of a loved one can be one of the most difficult experiences to endure, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This process is made easier with a professional counsellor who offers techniques, tools and healing.
Grief counselling provides a time and space for you to process your thoughts and feelings about the loss you have experienced, safely and confidentially.

Grief counselling can support you to understand and express the emotions you are feeling and assist in working through any trauma associated with the loss. These sessions can also help if someone has experienced a different kind of loss, whether that be loss of a job, or ending of a marriage, etc. The processes can include energy healing to replace lost soul fragments and heal a damaged aura.

Holistic Doctor

A holistic doctor is a fully trained medical doctor just like your GP who also has training in one or more areas of complementary medicine. Holistic doctors are also known as an integrative medicine doctor. A holistic doctor treats patients holistically, looking at the whole person, not just their symptoms and strives to find the underlying cause of any symptoms or disease, treat them and bring the body back to a state of wellness.
They will use and integrate both pharmaceutical and complementary medicines as part of their treatment. Holistic doctors consider all factors that can influence health and will not only address your physical health but also address your emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. 

A holistic doctor may still prescribe medications and refer for surgery when necessary but will also support you with a combination of vitamins, nutrients, herbal medicine and dietary and lifestyle changes.

Holistic Counselling

Holistic Counselling is an approach that covers the whole person. It includes their experiences, emotions, and lifestyle etc. Rather than solely a talk therapy, Holistic Counselling includes the physical and spiritual body.
A person’s lifestyle, such as what they eat and drink, can affect their health and emotions. Nutrition support may be offered to assist with depression and anxiety.

Holistic Counselling may also prescribe treatments such as yoga therapy, osteopathy or flotation tanks to work with the physical body to improve emotional or mental health. Introducing spiritual practices such as meditation and Shamanic Healing can also be a great benefit to someone’s well-being. Holistic Counselling covers it all

House Cleansing

Environments/homes can contain ghosts, poltergeist, demons, discarnate spirits, ghouls, apparitions, lost souls, entities, falling or flying objects, inappropriate physical touching, electrical disturbances, voices, hearing footsteps, odours etc.  These intrusions interfere with the inhabitants and cause negativity.

These external forces affect people, homes and animals which threaten a person’s safety. This therapy can be applied via distance with intention and energy. House Cleansing therapy will:*Clear negative energies from your environment.*Clear entities and energetic imprints*Clear agreements, contracts, energetic deeds on the environment*Harmonise with nature spirits, geopathic zones, and custodians of the land.*Offer guidance if needed to apply crystals, rocks, wind chimes or to balance the environment.*Bless the environment and send positive energy for flow.


Hypnotherapy is a complementary relaxation technique that alleviates physical health problems such as insomnia, chronic health conditions, pain management, digestive disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and substance abuse etc.

It also addresses psychological issues such as phobias, anxiety, low self-esteem and negative habits or patterns etc. During a session, your therapist will guide you into a deeply relaxed state to activate your subconscious mind to find answers to a series of questions and release your blocks.
Hypnotherapy reprograms the unconscious mind and is an ancient therapy that has proven to get significant positive effects.

Inner-Child Healing/Therapy

Most people experience childhood trauma on some level. This can include losing a loved one, being teased at school, feeling ignored or suffering physical, sexual or emotional abuse. Unless addressed, the trauma continues in adulthood; often without realising the detrimental effects, the experience has caused.

Communicating and nurturing your inner-child can have profound effects on healing neglect, trauma or pain that you experienced as a child.
This form of therapy involves talking to the therapist who connects with your inner-child in a gentle and compassionate manner.

The therapy includes facing the past and accessing new ways to love the abused child. Inner child work can heal deep wounds of the past and return broken pieces of yourself that have left you feeling unloved, lost and disconnected. This therapy can include energy healing to create tangible shifts to change your blueprint to invoke more joy.


A holistic approach to energetic healing, using the muscles in the body to diagnose imbalances. A kinesiology treatment is an efficient tool to prescribe further therapy and works to reveal patterns, emotions and energetic stagnation that need to be healed and cleared.

A distance kinesiology session involves the therapist using their own body as a ‘surrogate’ to connect with a person’s energy field. The therapist uses biofeedback techniques to gain information about a person’s imbalances and blockages; whether this is in the physical body, mind or chakras/energy field. The treatment may also involve guided visualisation, focused acupoint holding, energy healing, breath-work or affirmations.

Kinesiology can help reduce stress, release toxins, eliminate allergies, overcome fears and restore vitality.

Life Coaching

For someone looking for a career change or feeling like they are stuck, unhappy or at a crossroads in life, life coaching can bring your spark back. Working with a life coach can help you to address specific obstacles in your life that are holding you back from happiness.

Life coaching sessions work through any blocks and help you to set realistic, achievable goals in whatever aspect of your life you wish to enhance. A life coach is different from a counsellor in the way that they approach the problems you might have.

Life coaching is goal-orientated and focused on looking at the present and the future, rather than the past. By working with a life coach, you can gain clarity on specific areas of your life, gain greater self-awareness and overcome fears and limiting self-beliefs.

Matrix Removal

Matrix Removal therapy is an energy healing therapy. It specialises in removing the systems and programs that control and destroy people’s energetic blueprint that keeps them on the corrupted matrix. 
The therapy includes soul and blueprint healing that removes the methods used to control and siphon energy.

Meditation Therapy

Meditation therapy is where a therapist offers a live guided meditation for your intentions and desires.
The therapist will gently guide you using music and words to access your subconscious mind and insert positive mantras and affirmations to shift your life blocks. Meditation has proven to

*Reduce stress and anxiety
*Promote emotional well-being
*Enhance self-awareness
*Create positive life experiences
*Harmonise personal energy
*Heal the body, mind and soulMedium/Psychic Reading

A psychic reader connects to your higher self to gain insight and messages from ancestors and spirits. Using intuition on the highest plain, a psychic will access your energy field and provide information about your past, current life, and offer information for your future.

The reading can offer clarity on where you are in life, and, what potential you have by making specific changes. In the session topics such as career, relationships, family, wealth and health may be explored. You can opt for a general reading or ask to focus on a specific area of your life where you need more details


Naturopathic medicine uses natural remedies to promote the body’s healing response. It incorporates different natural remedies such as traditional Chinese medicines, nutrition and homeopathy. Naturopathy offers a wide range of treatment options for many conditions.

The principles of Naturopathic Therapy uses the healing power of nature, treating the cause, not the symptoms. It addresses the whole person, advocating that prevention and provides education for self-sufficiency of well-being.

Naturopathy aims to return the body to its healthy natural state and address the underlying root of illness or disease.

The Naturopathic Consultation will assess your nutritional/health needs for your health concerns; you will receive a comprehensive treatment plan with dietary, lifestyle and herbal/nutritional supplementation recommendations.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is a powerful therapy using language and behaviour-modification techniques to change how you experience the world around you. NLP can change negative, anxious, fearful or unhelpful and unproductive thoughts and behaviours into positive ones. It provides a set of language and behavioural tools to change your life and attractions.

NLP therapy is a practical approach to solving problems and particularly effective in treating stress, anger management, weight control, anxiety and pain management.

It can also improve performance and help you to get ahead in both your personal and professional life. After a few sessions, you will have the tools to self-treat with speedy positive results.

Nutritional Therapist      

A proper diet is key to sustaining a happy life, but sometimes it’s not easy to maintain the right nutritional profile. This consultation examines where you might be lacking nutrients and prescribes foods to lose weight and prevent or reverse illness. In the west, in particular, there are high levels of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, depression and arthritis.

Many people want to know how they can keep healthy, and the options to eat a nutrient-rich diet to improve their health. The consultation will create a personalised profile assessing the quality of your diet and which areas need adjusting and which foods need eliminating to create wellness and vitality.

Pain Management Therapy

Whether you suffer with pain from a chronic health condition or an injury, there is much you can do to manage it. Pain management therapy can work alongside your existing pain treatment plan to look at how long term pain is affecting your body, mind and emotions.

People experience pain differently, and this therapy looks at the person as a whole to prescribe a combination of physical and cognitive-behavioural treatment allowing people to learn and understand more about the pain they are suffering and what they can do about it. 
Other therapies could incorporate meditation and visualisation, breath-work, and relaxation techniques.

Palmistry Reader

This ancient art reveals information about your career, relationships, the future and any challenges that might arise along the way. Palmistry works by examining and analysing the lifeline, fate line, headline, heart line, marriage line, money line, sun line, health line, fingerprints, and any markings on the nails, skin and palm.

By closely reading all of the unique patterns and textures of your palm, elements of your destiny are unlocked and you are able to come to a deeper understanding of yourself. Distance palmistry works in a similar way as face to face, using a hand-print method to ensure accuracy and working over the phone or video call.

Past Life Healing/Regression Therapy     

This therapy is a form of psycho-spiritual hypnosis that accesses memories from previous lives to release trauma and unhealthy blockages that affect your life. This safe and gentle technique explores the subconscious mind where a person can be guided back to infancy, the womb or previous lives to assist with the release of the suppressed emotions or experiences coached through a release or discovery.

By reconnecting with past life experiences, past life therapy helps you understand the reasons for your current conditions and feelings. It also helps identify and heal the root of physical symptoms, such as physical, emotional and spiritual pain etc.

Past life regression therapy helps people understand their relationships, gain clearer thinking and a deeper sense of self, and remove barriers that are preventing inner peace.


A psychologist is a health professional who specialises in the treatment of mental health problems and human behaviour. The difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist is that a psychologist primarily aids the depressed patient by counselling and psychotherapy.

Many psychologists are trained in clinical psychology. This field of psychology involves specialised training in mental health problems and psychological problems. 

A psychologist studies normal and abnormal mental states, perceptual, cognitive, emotional, and social processes and behaviour by experimenting with, and observing, interpreting, and recording how individuals relate to one another and to their environments.


Psychotherapy is a form of talking therapy that can help people with mental health and emotional issues work through and reduce difficult or distressing symptoms. Many problems can be relieved through psychotherapy sessions, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, loss of a loved one, divorce, stress, medical illness, trauma.

Together with the therapist, you can learn more about your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and become aware of core beliefs and past trauma that you may be holding onto.

This kind of therapy aims to bring new awareness to a problem and find healthy coping skills. An individual or couples may take this therapy


Reiki originated in Japan in the 1920s. It is a powerful yet relaxing energetic therapy that can restore balance in your life. Reiki works by accessing and channelling universal life force energy to remove any blockages in the chakras that may be the root of any physical and/or emotional symptoms.

In Japanese, the word ‘rei’ refers to a higher intelligence that guides the universe, and ‘ki’ means the energy that runs through all living things. A natural alternative therapy, the practitioner will use a hands-off distance healing technique to move the life force energy around the body.
Reiki can relieve stress and anxiety, induce deep relaxation, release emotional blockages and improve overall well-being.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is one of the oldest spiritual healing practices to exist, Shamanic Healing has been practised for centuries all over the world. A shaman, or spiritual healer, uses their innate abilities to connect to the spirit world to promote individual and communal healing.

Shamanic Healing involves accessing energetic pathways and removing any blocks and communicating with spirits to find answers to many issues. During treatment, a shaman will enter an altered state of consciousness to work on the seven energy centres in the body, the chakras, and retrieve information/soul fragments where energy is restricted and needs flow.

This work involves channelling energy from the spirit world and using it on the body to restore harmony. A key part of the session is giving insight into how the person can integrate any new feelings or emotions following the session.

Soul Healing

Soul healing can help break deeply embedded patterns creating obstacles and blocks that hinder your progression.
Looking into the root cause of any pain or suffering, soul healing can give you a greater understanding of yourself and provide you with strength and wisdom to help you to live your life at its full potential.

Many soul healing treatments can involve shamanic practices, using the chakra energy centres to release and re-pattern energetic blockages. Other soul healing modalities include clairvoyant intuition and energy healing.
Distance soul healing works well because there is no energetic distance between the healer and the person receiving treatment.

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy uses different forms of music.instruments to transform your emotional, physical and spiritual states. This therapy includes various musical sounds to create healing in the body, reduce stress and improve well-being. Instruments include singing, sound bowls, tuning forks, flutes, bells, drums, chimes etc, to calm the nervous system and encourage deep relaxation.

When you enter an altered state of consciousness, your brain waves move from the active, thinking beta state to the relaxed and meditative alpha and theta states. This therapy promotes your body’s healing response. Sound Therapy also helps the endocrine system, which releases hormones such as endorphins, melatonin and serotonin, to function optimally.

Talk Therapy

This therapy offers a talk therapist who has excellent listening skills if you need a shoulder to lean on. They will listen to your problems/situation with a sympathetic ear.

Their skill-set is demonstrating that they understand your predicament and guide you to find solutions to your problems. Your session will leave your feeling understood and empowered at the end of your session.

Wealth Creation Coaching 

This therapy assists anyone seeking to expand their bank balance and abundance levels. Wealth creation coaching helps you take control of your finances and improves your life circumstances.

Here you can set time and space to set financial goals, examine your current money profile, access the core reasons that are holding you back, change your thinking, work out a detailed debt repayment plan and be coached and celebrated as you achieve your goals.

Your coach will guide, educate, and motivate you to keep on track as you take responsibility for your financial growth. Wealth creation coaching can kick-start a new money mindset and be the catalyst you need to achieve the wealth you desire.

Weight Loss Coach (assist weight loss with healing methods and/or nutritional advice)

A dedicated weight loss coach can help you lose the weight you have wanted to drop for years. Weight loss therapy looks at the whole person and investigates the issues causing weight gain and offers new methods to achieve weight loss goals. 

There may be an underlying psychological reason why a person is stuck and unhappy with their weight and holding onto negative patterns that can be the reason people don’t lose weight.

This therapy uses healing methods to look into the root cause and bring awareness to the issue. Your coach can also offer a complete nutritional profile and treatment plan to help kick-start or shift those stubborn pounds, along with regular check-ins and motivational coaching to keep you on track of your goal.