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Are you looking for a specific type of healer? Someone to clear your home’s space, your energy or something else? There are therapists from all walks of life with unprecedented experience at your fingertips. OnTherapy works as a way to connect you with your therapist. An exchange of energy to match you with the person who will best fit you in your situation and help you heal.

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Looking for a Therapist? You can post a job or search thousands of amazing Therapists to assist your specific needs. You can search on a number of different specifications such as gender, location, experience or rating on OnTherapy. Connect with the therapist that best suits your situation and enjoy your healing.

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Connect with your therapist knowing you are in a safe environment and surrounded by familiarity. Each session will be in your own home and connected online either by video chat or phone. Be confident knowing your therapist is a professional and is here for you to guide and help you.

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payment is made directly through your booking via the OnTherapy platform. Payment is never directly made to your therapist.

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You have a set of skills that is unique. Your skills should not be limited to your immediate network – OnTherapy gives you the opportunity to expand your network and treat clients outside of your immediate community

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You can find jobs in a matter of seconds, searching for skills required that match your profile or area of expertise. Once the client has successfully approved your profile, you will set up a time that best suits both of you to commence the therapy.

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Treat your client with convenience and ease of mind. Your healing space is in your own environment and you will be connected to your client over video chat or phone – whichever you and your client prefer

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Payment is collected from your client ahead of your session by OnTherapy, a small service fee is deducted by the OnTherapies team (10%)  and your payment is securely transferred to your nominated account.

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