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What we do

OnTherapies changes the way you access therapy services. You can experience your therapy session in the comfort of your own home. You will save time, money and get access to the best therapists around the world.
This global platform also gives therapists instant access to clients seeking your services with your specific skillsets.

OnTherapies is designed to facilitate not only those looking for therapy but therapists who are eager to grow and expand beyond their existing network. This online platform is ultimately a means of global connection that unites clients with therapists and therapists with clients to change lives.

Why choose us

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Ease of use

We are experience-based. 

You can access OnTherapies knowing that you will be offered the best therapists. Therapist’s profiles include updated feedback for peace of mind you are connecting with the right therapist. 

We are passionate about helping people heal and transform their life. We aim to provide you with many therapy options so your experience is rewarding and life-changing.

This community aims to build each other up and maintain positive energy.

A world of opportunities

OnTherapies globally brings therapists and clients together online.
Choose from a host of top therapists that suit your needs and therapists choose the therapy jobs that suit their skill set. 

how to find clients

Quality guaranteed

Each therapist’s profile contains their experience and qualifications so you can feel confident in choosing the therapist that fits your needs.

Peruse the therapist’s ratings and reviews on their profile to gain confidence your therapist is suited for your situation. It’s a win-win as OnTherapies only promotes quality therapists.

It is important that
OnTherapies creates a safe and positive online environment for all.

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